Famous Flowers Grown In Canada According To Flower Shops

Just like any other big countries, Canada has a lot of flower shops in every city around the country. These flower shops are thriving with so many customers buying flowers every day. In fact, flowers are considered the favorite gift of the people in this country during Christmas, Friendship Day and Thanksgiving Day. Learn more about  flower shops in Montreal , go here.

There are a lot of varieties which people will use as gifts. Among them are varieties of lilies, multi-colored roses, sunflowers and carnations. Aside from these, they also prefer Gerbera daisies, snapdragons, cyclamen and mums. Any of the these flowers are popular in the flower shops and have a lot of stocks available. However, most of these flowers are not native or grown in Canada. Most of these flowers are imported from South American countries like Colombia and Ecuador. Find out for further details on  Montreal florists right here.

Nonetheless, Canada still have native flowers. Some of these flowers are endangered and protected like the White Thrillium which can be found in the Canadian forests and woodlands. However, there are still flowers grown in Canada which are sold in flower shops. Here are the famous flowers grown in Canada which can be found in flower shops.

This is also known as cranesbills. It has around 422 species of flowering plants. It has 5 petals which are symmetrical. Among its popular colors are white, pink, purple, and blue. This flower is commonly found along temperate regions and tropical mountains. It can basically grow in all kinds of non-waterlogged soil.

This flower belongs to the spurge family. Its distinct features are the red and green foliage. Poinsettia is very popular during Christmas holidays as floral display. According to the experts, this flower comes from Mexico before it was introduced to other countries like U.S.A. and Canada. Its name was derived from the US Minister to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett. This plant is basically a shrub or a small tree.

Chrysanthemums are also called mums or chrysanths. They are native to Asian countries as well as European countries. This flower comes in a variety of colors including white, yellow and red. It is considered the favorite flower on November. This flower starts to bloom during fall. Chrysanthemums are also used as decors especially the flower heads which can be used as pompoms and buttons. It is also popular among gardeners. Chrysanths are also used as an ingredient for wine, sweet drink and even as a garnish.

Canada are still trying to grow other flowers not native in the country. This is to help the local flower shops to be self-sufficient instead of importing various flowers from different countries. The government aims to lower the cost of flowers as it is one of the largest industries in Canada.